Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special
Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special

Thump Case Pack - DETROIT FPM Half Off Special

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Watch this video for a quick introduction to the ThumpBlu.


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Run Free. Wire Free.

Are you still running with wires hanging from your head that fall out, get jerked out or tangle before or after runs? Are you using a wireless headset for running that just doesn't work? If you've answered yes to these questions then THUMP is your solution when looking for the best headphones for running.

We designed THUMPBLU, our state-of-the-art athletic headset, with a serious runner just like you in mind. Not only will you be free from wires when listening to your favorite songs, you will also be able to communicate loud and clear with anyone calling you while running. Others try to make wireless headsets that claim to work for everything but they simply don’t, especially not for running. In fact, the inspiration to create THUMPBLU was the lack of a good wireless running headset for ourselves (we love to run and listen to music too). THUMPBLU’s unique Headlock™ design results in a 42% lighter solution than a common Motorola version, and it costs less than other options from Jabra or Jaybird. We're confident that not only will you love to wear this headset while running; it may even inspire you to get-up and run even more than ever before, just like it did for us.

Key Features for runners and joggers:


Built for active people, Thump Blu is designed to be sweat resistant. We have a lot of runners who ask about rain. The simple answer is put it away. Thump Blu is not designed to be a water proof device.


We've got you covered. Your Thump Blu is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from original date of purchase. View our warranty info here.


Built-in controls adjust volume, change tracks and play/pause music.


More than just music! Be heard loud and clear. Thump Blu's built-in microphone ensures your callers will hear you loud and clear.


Double tap the play/pause button to activate phone's voice command.


Connect to all kinds of Bluetooth-enabled devices: phones, laptops, MP3 players & tablets. Thump Blu plays nice with all your toys. Pairing to your device is easy and simple. Our record is 15 seconds from opening the package to playing music. Can you beat that? Pair your Thump Blu to your device once and you're done!

Why Marc (famous TV producer) loves his ThumpBLU.


  • I ran with my Thump for the first time this weekend and I LOVE IT! I thought it would bounce on my neck, but it didn't move at all!!! Definitely will recommend this to fellow runners. [ Stephanie Bell Drumm ]
  • Thank you for the great product! I have struggled with very expensive wireless ear buds that don't stay in my ears & wired headphones that sound great but fight with the wires my entire run! Great sales person took the time to show me all of the features. Thank you again for your knowledgeable staff, great product and affordable prices. [ Josie - Arizona Rock'n'Roll Marathon Expo ]
  • Bought these for the PF Changs Half in AZ and they kicked butt!!! Love them!!! [ Debbie Moon ]
  • Hey guys, I have had my headset for a few months now, love it!!! I used to work at Boulder Running Company in Littleton and that's how I got mine. I use it a lot and most recently I wore it to the Surf City 1/2. The headset worked the entire race and then some, the battery was just fine. [ John Kirby ]
  • I met you at the Phoenix Expo and purchased a wireless headset. I have to tell you that I am really enjoying it. It greatly outperforms the Motorola headset I have been using and it doesn't have some of the aggravating things the Motorola set has like short battery life, ear cups that fall off, and it is much lighter. I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. Thanks. [ Paul Fleming ]
  • We bought our sets at the Denver Marathon Expo. We love them! I ran the Bear Chase 50 mile and the headphones actually lasted 9 hrs and 20 minutes! :) [ Doug Honebein ]
  • Thump is awesome! Trail running without the hassle of annoying wires is amazing. Plus, being able to control volume, change songs and take calls without having to slow down or stop my workout is great! I will never go back to my old ear buds. Can't wait to see what QAK comes up with next. [ Tyson Hubley ]